What is the difference between conservation and preservation?



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    Preservation has a more general meaning; it can mean to keep alive or in existence, to keep safe from harm or injury, to keep possession of, or to maintain and reserve (game, fish, etc.) for continued survival or for private use. Conservation usually refers to a more specific effort, i.e. the official supervision of rivers, forests, and other natural resources in order to preserve and protect them through prudent management.

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    That’s how I think of it as well. Preservation implies a more hands-off approach. We want to preserve something by just sort of fencing it off and keeping it safe. Like…the Mona Lisa is being preserved in a glass case, it isn’t being CONserved.
    Conservation is a more active and deliberate endeavor. You can make a prairie conservation area by planting prairie species; you are taking an active role.

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    While conservation relates to the expenditure of a material, such as water, food or medical supplies, preservation can relate to hundreds of applications, from preserving fruits to the environment to an online community. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    Technically, they are synonyms. However, from a practical standpoint, conservation relates to natural resources which we could use less of, while preservation refers to things we don’t really need, but it would be useful to effect. You can conserve water, but you preserve the rainforest.

    I hope this helped!


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    Thank you for your question.  Conservation refers to the use of land in a sustainable way, whereas preservation refers to protection of the land and the limitation of its use to it may contain its original condition. 

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    Preservation refers to a principle of environmentalism that advocates leaving an environment untouched, thus preserving it in its pristine state. Conservation, on the other hand, deems the use of natural resources to be permissible as long as they are used efficiently and sustainably.

    These terms emerged during the early 1900s through figures like Gifford Pinchot (a conservationist) and Aldo Leopold (a preservationist). Both principles are still popular today as people call for the responsible use of resources (conservation) as well as protecting nature for the sake of having it around (preservation).

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    There are even retrospective magazines for the two terms, which specifically pertain to their definitions: One with conserving–using less of a resource.  The other is about preserving–preserving buildings, wildelife, and everything in-between.

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