What is the difference between concave and convex?



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    These terms are used to define two different types of curvatures. A concave surface curves inward and a convex surface curves outward. So a concave lens would cause light rays to spread apart and a convex lens would cause light rays to converge. A ball is an example of a convex curve while a bowl is an example of a concave curve.

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    Convex is the opposite of concave, and vice-versa, like black versus white, or up versus down. 

    If an object is convex, it has an area that bulges outward–that area is convex. 

    Conversely, if an object is concave, it has a (generally bowl-like) area that sinks inward–that sunken area is concave. 

    The first image link shows a concave object. The second shows a convex object. 

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    Concave means curved inward and convex means curving or bulging outwards.


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    To remember this, think “cave” for concave since it is curved inward. And flex for convex for it “stretches” or curves outwardly.

    These words are mainly used in mathematics and science, but I think they have meanings in finance, economics or anything that requires data (analysis of ).

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