What is the difference between a cat flea and a human flea?



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    Human fleas are uncommon. You are more likely to be bitten by a cat flea or rat flea. Human fleas can also bite cats, pigs, or other animals. The type of flea doesn’t mean it exclusively bites that animal. Most fleas on dogs are actually cat fleas. There is very little difference.
    Fleas travel in fibrous materials, like upholstery or fur (or hair). You can get them from your cat or dog, once they are in your home they will live in couches, pillows, blankets, etc…

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    The names can be a bit misleading. Though they are independent species, the fleas we’re most likely to be bitten by in the modern world are actually cat or rat fleas which find their way from their namesake hosts to us. Fleas are not exclusive to one host. The practical difference is that cat fleas specialize, at leas it in a general way, on cats and similar animals; whereas human flees prefer humans. But again, there is a great deal of overlap and distinguishing between flea species is probably a job for an entomologist.

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