What is the a difference between a carbon footprint and a ecological footprint?



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    A carbon footprint is defined as “analysis limited to emissions that have an effect on climate change (carbon dioxide, methane, etc.). This limitation makes it easier to apply the calculation to integrated systems, such as an entire house or automobile.” The difference between carbon footprints and ecological footprints is that ecological footprints try to “measure its consumption of natural resources and the amount of biologically productive land and sea needed to regenerate those resources and to absorb and render harmless the waste that is produced.” Further explanation can be found at the website in the citation field below. All quoted sections in this answer are from the citation.

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    Carbon footprint is a measure of of our total carbon emission that results from fossil fuel consumption, forest destruction, current buildings, transportation, and energy production. Our ecological footprint is the measure of how much we have affected our respective ecosystems with respect to habitat endangerment and destruction, natural resource use, and the general demand of human existence and the consequent strain on the ability of the environment to recover and regenerate accordingly.

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