What is the difference between brown & white chicken eggs?



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    The only difference is that brown eggs come from hens with certain characteristics like darker feathers and red earlobes, where the white eggs come from hens with white feathers and white earlobes. There is absolutely no difference in nutrition, flavor, or shell thickness.

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    Brown eggs are more likely to come from organic or free range chickens, where white eggs are the standard of “regular” eggs. But, there still isn’t a difference.

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    There is no difference in nutrition.  There is a difference in the taste of eggs that are commercial grown and those that are free ranging and eating a varied diet such as weeds, bugs and other things that affect the flavor of the chicken and it’s eggs.  Organic hens are fed organic feed – no animal byproducts or GMO crops (which can be used if the chicken is just free range).  The other difference in organic is your eating eggs that are not fed antibiotics or other chemicals – again there will not be a difference in nutrition, but there can be a difference in what is better for you to eat overall.

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