What is the difference between a Brown Bear and a Kodiak Bear?

And I guess I also am curious as to what is the difference between both of these bears and Grizzly Bears?



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    Grizzly bears and Kodiak (Alaskan brown) bears are both types of brown bear (Ursus arctos).  They are subspecies: the grizzly is a medium-size brown bear and the Kodiak is a large one.  Kodiaks also have a wider face and longer fur than grizzlies.

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    The Kodiak bear is actually a subspecies of the brown bear, so they have many similarities. Kodiaks, however, are native to Alaska, are are larger than brown bears. The color of their shaggy coat varies widely, but they are distinguishable by their very short tail (only a few inches), long claws, and a very obvious hump on their shoulders.

    Grizzly bears are another subspecies of brown bear, found now most often in Canada and Alaska. They range in color as well, but received their name from the fact that their hairs have white tips. They are fast runners, great climbers, can dig holes. They eat mostly a vegetarian diet, but they are great swimmers and great at fishing.

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