What is the difference between bouldering and free climbing?



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    Bouldering and free climbing are both similar in that the participant climbs without a harness or rope, usually over a crash pad to prevent serious injury.

    The difference, however, is that the term ‘Bouldering’ usually refers to climbs with a maximum height of seven meters. Because of this, bouldering is usually done on natural or artificial boulders, rather than larger rock faces typically used in rock climbing.

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    In essence, bouldering is a type of free-climbing. Both are done without the use of ropes or other aids; only a chalk bag is used. However in bouldering, the climbs are often short and quick. This not only prevents injury but add to the challenge. Sometimes a pad is used in case of falls. For free-climbing, the climber only uses their body (hands, feet) to ascend. Ropes may be near the site as a means of backup or protection. A good book to check out is “Mountaineering” by Cox and Fulsass.

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