What is the difference between bananas and plantains?



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    Plantains are actually members of the banana family, but although they may be a relative and look similar to bananas, they are quite different:

    Bananas are sweet fruits with a thin skin. They are green in color when not fully ripe and yellow once ripe and ready to be eaten. Bananas are also smaller than plantains.

    Plantains are rather starchy and used as vegetables. They have a thicker skin than bananas and can be green, yellow, or black in color. Plantains are also longer than bananas. As they are unsuitable to be eaten raw, plantains are typically fried or baked to be used in savory dishes. The starchy vegetable is popular in Carribean countries and in Western Africa.

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    I would just like to add that plantains are delicious! Sometimes you can find plantain chips in stores that are pre-cooked and crunchy. They are kinda like potato chips or corn chips, only they look like banana slices. They are also very easy to cook yourself. You can just slice them up and fry them in a pan with a little oil and salt.

    Unfortunately, they are only grown in warm tropical regions, so if you are on a strict 100-mile diet, they are probably out of the question for you unless you know for sure that someone is growing them locally. I like plantains, but don’t eat them often because I try to eat more local food, which is better for the environment because it is not transported as far. However, I’ll still treat myself to plantains and other exotic food every now-and-then.

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    When I was in Ecuador, one of my favorite snacks was plantain chips! The family that owned the reserve where I stayed would have a bunch of both plantains and bananas next to the kitchen. We could grab a banana whenever we were hungry, and sometimes the family would serve us freshly made, hot plantain chips at lunch – yum!

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