What is the difference between the Atlantic and pacific blufin?



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    Aside from distribution, there is very little difference between the Atlantic and Pacific bluefins.  In fact, they were long assumed to be members of the same species.  To the uneducated observer, the only noticeable difference is that Atlantic bluefins tend to be slightly larger.  Less noticeable distinguishing features include: 1. Difference in size and shape of the air bladder (the Atlantic’s being longer and more regular in shape, while the Pacific’s is shorter and pear shaped); 2. The absence of an arterial trunk connecting the second and third branches of the coeliac mesenteric artery in the Atlantic bluefin; 3. Differences in the structure of the pelvis; 4.  Gill raker count (Atlantic usually has 39-41, whle the Pacific has 32-39); and 5. Differences in the shape of the dorsal wall of the body cavity.

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