What is the difference between recycling and reuse?



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    The difference between recycling and reusing is basically the amount of energy used. Recycling requires the product, lets say an empty can, to be sent to the recycling plant, processed, melted, reshaped and used again. On the other hand, if you can reuse the can, you will bypass all of the steps and go straight to the using again part. The reusing movement is growing every day and organizations like The Freecycle Network have been working to make reusing of items easier for everyone by allowing you to offer items to others who can reuse them.

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    The main difference between recycling and reusing is that when you recycle an item it is out of your presence and goes through a process to be eventually reused again. But if you reuse the item yourself, then it does not need to go through the process (which does consume energy) and allows you to keep items for a longer time period.

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