What is the difference between biointensive gardening and organic gardening?



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    Biointensive farming is agriculture on a small scale. Not meant for industrial production it uses methods of pure ecology. Using insects, plants, soil, animals, water, and humans it creates a synergistic system that is fully independent. Specific plants that can be composted back into the soil are used and various animals contribute to fertilization. It is very healthy for the soil and uses less water. Increased yields and high caloric foods. It is a way of life.

    Organic farming is a bit more simple and easier to implement. The main issue is utilizing natural ingredients to grow plants the way nature built them. You allow insects to kill the weaker plants, do not fall back on pesticides. It utilizes green manure, crop rotation, natural pest deterrents, composting and more. Organic farming is an attempt to move away from unhealthy corporate industrial farming and create a sustainable and healthy alternative.

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