what is the differance between flyover and underpass?



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    Flyovers and underpasses serve the same purpose, in which the most notable exception being that one goes over the other. A flyover (at least in road terms, not a low-flying aerial vehicle) is a piece of road, typically a freeway interchange, that is build to direct traffic over another road; this is done to make changing roads and freeways seamless without a the need for an intersection and a traffic light. An underpass is the same thing as a flyover, except it directs traffic underneath another road path (usually a flyover). These are usually employed in areas with many freeway crossovers in which people need to get on and off different freeways in their travels. 

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    A flyover is a section of roadway constructed over another road in order to facilitate efficient movement of vehicles, while an underpass is a road passage built underneath another road.  Both serve the same purpose, but an underpass is considerably easier to build from an engineering perspective and will often cost less money than a flyover.

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