What did Steve Irwin do to help the environment?



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    Steve Irwin founded an organization known as Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.  This foundation helps endangered species with breeding, gives aid to conservation research, and generally protects wildlife and their habitat.  In honor of his mother, all donations to the Lyn Irwin Memorial Fund go to the Iron Bark Station Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Australia.  This rehabilitation center owns over 3,000 acres of protected land.  Perhaps his greatest contribution to the environment is the environmental and conservation education that he presented through television and in person.

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    Buggirl’s answer is great in looking at his conservation work and research, but I’d add to her answer that Irwin’s presence alone did a great deal. He was a one of a kind personality who was well known thanks to his television exposure, and as a TV personality he was able to show the wonders of nature and how people can appreciate the natural world, which is an important message to spread for sure.

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    I agree with edmccoy11 – Steve Irwin represented nature; was the face of it, if you will. He was a tv personality who had a show essentially about his own appreciation and fascination for wildlife. His enthusiasm was infectious, giving an edge to the way he educated the public through his excursions and encounters. I think the education aspect of Irwin’s career was a huge contribution.

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    Personally, he made me appreciate animals and their habitat more. Watching his videos made me realize that animals had a life beyond the limited times I had been exposed to them. Whenever I go do outdoor activites such as camping, I keep in mind that animals share the land with me and I treat the land accordingly.

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    Steve Irwin really helped to bring awareness to a lot of species and their habitats. He was a conservationist at his core. He did a lot of crazy things but his life was ultimately dedicated to the appreciation of some pretty fascinating species on this planet. I think he really helped promote respects for these animals in a lot of people.

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