what did people do for clothing before industrial fabric mills?

what materials, sources, and processes were used to make clothing? what was the clothing like?



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    This answer varies from culture to culture. The Native Americans wore clothing made from pieces of animal hide. Hide is the skin, dried and tanned in the sun or over heat. Their leggings and shirts were buckskin, and their shoes were leather. The adornments were feathers and quills. 


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    For fabrics like cottons, wools, linen, or silks, people had to spin the thread by hand, then weave the fabric on a loom, and then fashion it into whatever piece of clothing they needed. As you can imagine, this took a long time. I think fabric quality varied, but probably most homespun stuff was pretty coarse. The time periods for this method varies by culture, but this is pretty typical for colonial America and Europe before the industrial revolution.

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    Chinese prepared silk for their clothing, as well as for writing since the 27th century BC. The color of the silk determined the class during the Tang Dynasty. Clothing that was worn had a lot to do with the values of people such as their religion, degree of modesty, gender as well as their social status as aforementioned. Archaeologists have found evidence of early forms of clothing consisted of leaves and grass draped or wrapped around a person—as well as leather and fur as mercurycommunications stated.

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