What did Obama make the new national MPG standard?



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    As far as I know, Obama has just proposed new national MPG standards. I’m not entirely sure it has passed into law just yet. The Obama administration’s proposal includes a 39 MPG average for automakers’ passenger car lineups, plus a 30 MPG average for light trucks and 35.5 MPG overall — all by 2016. That’s four years earlier than required under the current standards, established as part of the 2007 energy bill. The proposal has tighter standards beginning to take effect in 2012. It’s certainly a step in the right direction but by 2016, I wold hope that electric vehicles would be further along.

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    The Obama administration’s current bid for MPG requirements for 2012-2016 model cars is around 35.5 MPG. By 2025, Obama wants cars to average around 54.5 MPG, which is a steep number at this point. it is likely, however, that by 2025 gasoline will be falling by the wayside, with electric and alternative fuel vehicles outnumbering internal combustion ones. For the time being, auto manufacturers have their work cut out for them in the coming years to meet this new requirements. 

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