What did James Goodall do for the environment?



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    I suppose you may mean Jane Goodall. If so, see the link.

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    I’m also assuming that you mean Jane Goodall. I did some googling about “James Goodall” and nothing came up. 🙂

    Jane Goodall founded the Jane Goodall Institute and is a UN Messenger of Peace. Jane Goodall is most famous for spending a great deal of time studying and living amongst primates. She has learned a lot about primates and has shared her research for the world, and helped raise awareness about environmental issues.

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    Jane Goodall is most known for her work in Gombe, Tanzania studying chimpanzees. She was the first to publish observations of chimpanzees using tools to forage for termites and passing on techniques to offspring. Until that time humans were thought to be unique in tool use. Jane Goodall established the Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation in Canada, which now has representation in 23 countries around the world and promotes “informed and compassionate action to improve the environment.”

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