What did the FDA decide about BPA?



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    Ultimately the FDA did not decide to ban BPA, or bisphonel-A, a chemical used in the manufacture of baby sippy cups and water bottles, among other plastic products. BPA has been used for over fifty years, and is a very useful ingredient because it hardens the plastics and makes breaking them extremely difficult. However, certain activists called for the chemical’s ban when research hinted that high doses may cause developmetal defects in young children. Only high levels of exposure can have these results, though, and the FDA determined that simply drinking from bottles made with BPA don’t give off enough of the chemical to be harmful.

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    Essentially the FDA released a warning. They suggest that consumers take “reasonable steps” to avoid the BPA chemical but have admitted that there is concern over infant/fetus exposure to BPA. Millions of dollars are currently being invested to fully determine the effects of BPA on humans. To view and better understand the “reasonable steps” check the sourced link below.

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