What dictators cause the worst harm to the environment?



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    While the word “worst” is according to perspective, there have been several dictators who have competed for the title as “most environmentally destructive dictator.” The country of North Korea, a country governed by Kim Jong-Il, has a range of environmental ills. With an estimated population of 24.4 million people, of whom 60 percent reside in its cities, the country has suffered from increasing industrialization and a lack of regulation. About three-quarters of the country’s forest have taken a toll from the increasing demand for wood, which has escalated the amount of wood cut down exponentially in the last ten years, according to an news article featured on the Environmental News Service. In addition, a lack of regulation has lead to increasing issues with water impurity (due to use of water for hydropower and as a dumping ground for companies). However the government is working to tighten restrictions for companies that pollute the water and has an effort to inform its citizens about environmental concerns, such as by introducing National Tree Planting day. Please look to the link below for more details as it proved informative in providing information for my answer.

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