what is deforestatuion



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    Deforestation is the destruction of the Earth’s forests. The forest is cleared of its trees, plants and therefore the majority of its wildlife. Forests are cut down for a majority of reasons. Forests are cut down for agricultural reasons, logging reasons, grazing purposes, and are cleared up to make way for roads and the creation of cities adn living space. Deforestation is not always done on purpose. Some are caused intentionally by humans and nature herself through overgrazing and wildfires.

    Deforestation has negative effects on the environment. Deforestation is the cause of habitat loss for species and the change in climate. Many species depend on the forest for livelihood, the forest is their home. Also, with all the destruction of trees, there is less shade cooling down the land and soil, and less trees involved in the water cycle. Trees also play a critical role in absorbing greenhouse gases that causes global warming.



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