What is the deepest we have explored in our ocean?



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    The Nereus, a robotic submarine, recently reached the deepest known part of the ocean at the Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench. The sub took a dive to 10,902m on May 31st and many hope this robotic sub will open the door to a new era in ocean exploration.

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    For quite a long time, the deepest ocean dive done by a person was in 1960. Jacques Piccard and two other divers descended a depth of 35.797 feet, close to seven miles down. They made the dive in the underwater vehicle called the Trieste. Since that dive, incredible technology has been developed to allow even deeper ocean exploration (not necessarily with divers in tow).

    In 2009, the Nereus dove 6.8 miles making that vehicle the deepest-diving ever. The trip was to the Marina Trench in the Western Pacific Ocean.

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