What is the deepest that the old diving suits that had the tube connected to the boat could go?



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    Hm. Interesting question. Doesn’t have much to do with sustainability/green stuff but whatever. You’re referring to what was known as a “diving dress,” aka the spacesuit looking thing with a riveted bell helmet. I’m not sure if it’s reliable but i found one source stating a record set in 1937 of 420 feet. 

    If you’re talking about an atmospheric diving suit, ie a suit that’s basically a small submarine but made to fit the contours of a man, that would be deeper. If you’re using this info for a paper or something, you’ll want to do a little more research on your own. 

    The suit you’re talking about was only used pre-1940s, I think, because the aqualung was developed then, though atmospheric diving suits are used up until this day. 

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