What is the deepest a free driver has ever gone and survived?



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    The deepest a free diver has gone is 214 meters, but Herbert Nitsch. The deepest a woman has gone is 160 meters, which Tanya Streeter accomplished. Nitsch claims to want to shatter his own record by diving 300 meters. 


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    In the Red Sea, Patrick Musimu free dove to a depth of 209.6 meters, or 687 feet! This puts the diver at a huge risk of passing out or getting the bends, whe latter of which actually happened to Musimu on a practice dive, but for this one he and his scuba support team were all fine. Although it is still considered free diving because there is no complex equipment like a rebreather, this ultra-deep diving is called No Limits, and it does rely on a piece of sled equipment to help with lowering and raising.

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