what decomposer is big enough to see you



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    Hahahaha. You mean, like, what bacteria can zone in on you by sight? None. That isn’t the way bacteria work their magic.

    Many animals do not rely primarily on sight to track down their prey. Even humans sometimes use their nose or their ears. The basic concept is that living things leave all kinds of traces, have all kinds of predictable habits. All a predator needs to know is which to follow.

    Decomposition is critical to even the most basic forms of life, millions of years ago. And plenty of “life” has no eyes, no vision. Their world view is based on touch, and taste, and vibration, and electrical current, etc. Those primitive “decomposers” may not have much of any attack plan except to go along with the ride. The wind blows, water flows, someone eats a 3-day-old McDonald hamburger — it’s all the same to amoeba that are just along for the ride!

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