What is the deadliest type of bee?



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    The Africanized Honeybee, or Killer Bee, is the deadliest bee species.  The bees are a result of an accident: in 1956, Brazilian scientists brought African bees to Brazil to improve the native species, with the intent to make a better honeybee (better for pollination).  However, the experiment failed and some of the bees escaped, mating with local species and wreaking havoc (they are more aggressive and persistent than North American honeybees).  The species has gradually moved northward into the United States, and has killed 1,000 people.

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    The Africanized honey bee, also known as the killer bee, is the deadliest species of bee. The venom of a killer bee is not more poisonous than native honey bees, but the chance of attack is much higher. Killer bees are more aggressive than other species, attack in larger groups, and swarm more often. Killer bees escaped from quarantine in Brazil in 1956 and have extended their range northward greater than 200 miles each year.

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    The Americanized bee is commonly classified as the most aggressive, but in my poking around, I have not found anything that suggests that their sting carries more venom. Any bee is equally deadly to those who are allergic. However, their aggressive behavior, both towards larger animals and other bees, is what has helped them earn their nick name, Killer Bess.

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    Yes, Africanized bees are the deadliest bees in the world, but there are also other species of wasps and hornets that are extremely deadly – so by bees I wonder if you also mean hornets and wasps? If so, the Japanese Giant Hornet and the wasp are the other two deadliest ‘bees’ in the world. The Japanese giant hornet sometimes attacks honeybee colonies – killing off the honeybees by snapping their heads off. This hornet’s stinger doesn’t detach, so they can sting multiple times and their stinger venom can kill people with or without them having an allergy to bees – and they’re nearly two inches long.

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