What is the deadliest predator on earth?



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    Believe it or not, the most deadly animal on earth is the mosquito.  Other than the annoying itch, we don’t think to much of getting a mosquito bite.  But, a mosquito’s bite can transfer malaria and parasites.  Mosquitos are responsible for over two million deaths a year.

    Here is a list of the top ten deadlist animals on earth (after mosquitos, of course):  10. Poison Dart Frogs, 9. Cape Buffolos, 8. Polar Bears,              7. Elephants, 6. Australian Saltwater Crocodiles, 5. African Lions, 4. Great White Sharks, 3. Australian Box Jellyfish, 2. Asian Cobras,                        1. Mosquitos       

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    That depends on how you define “deadly.” Arguably, humans are the deadliest predators on the Earth because of the way we can manipulate our environment, which affects all the other living things within that environment. Human intelligence has created technology and infrastructure that has impacted regions across the world. When it comes to actual predation, the same intelligence has enabled us to develop tools and weapons to hunt anything we choose. It’s strange to think about since we don’t have talons, sharp teeth, or venomous barbs; in fact, we’re pretty fragile. But in my opinion, intelligence has brought us very far.

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