What is daylight savings supposed to do?



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    The whole point of daylight saving is to help us make better use of daylight. In a sense, we get to accomplish more in a day by maximizing the use of sunlight. daylight savings can also save us energy. “Department of Transportation show that Daylight Saving Time trims the entire country’s electricity usage by a significant, but small amount, of about one percent each day with Daylight Saving Time. We save energy because we use less electricity for lighting and appliances. Similarly, In New Zealand, power companies have found that power usage decreases 3.5% when daylight saving starts. In the first week, peak evening consumption commonly drops around 5%.”

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    Implemented in 1975, it was intended to use less energy for lighting. Since the time that daylight is available changes throughout the year, it was thought that it would cause less energy to be used for lighting if we moved the time as the daylight moves. This isn’t always true or the energy saved is offset later in the day.

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