What day of the week has the most energy consumed?



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    Energy data generally isn’t collected on a days-of-the week basis. However, we can make an educated guess. It’s likely that Saturday and Sunday will see less energy used, because people don’t have to drive to work and large office buildings will have the lights turned off. By this logic, Friday also probably uses marginally less because more people take Friday off than any other day. Monday through Thursday probably use roughly the same amount of energy; I doubt you could pin just one day with any confidence.

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    I would say Tuesdays to Thursday, when school is in session and people are working, so buildings will be consuming energy. At home, the energy use should stay about the same throughout the week because people are likely out and about during the day and in at night roughly the same amount of time. Less people work or go to school on Mondays and Fridays. Most office buildings are closed on weekends (although lights are left on at many buildings on weekends)

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