What is a data logger?



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    A datalogger or data recorder is a device that stores data.  For environmental purposes it is used for weather conditions.   Data is collected such as temperature and relative humidity over a set period of time, then downloaded on a computer for later analysis.  Dataloggers are based off five criterias:  input signal, number of inputs, size, speed/memory, and real time operations.

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    The term “data logger” refers to devices that store data. They usually stand alone to record data without a computer, often operating on a battery. Data loggers read signals and store the information, which can then be downloaded onto a computer. A GPS unit that can record your location is an example of a data logger. Data loggers have a microprocessor and memory, and can also be equipped with some sort of sensor. Besides recording location and time, some data loggers keep track of temperature, wind speed, water flow, soil moisture and traffic.

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