what is dark matter made of?



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    Dark matter is a substance with an unknown composition since it doesn’t emit or reflect light. The existence of dark matter is know by gravitational forces by which it influences other celestial bodies. 

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    Uniontera number 6-2, hope it helps. This is your so-called light.

    Uniontera number 9, hope it helps. This is a reason of reflection.

    Uniontera number 11-1, hope it helps. This is your so-called dark E&M.

    Existence is the time expressed by light itself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN1jTwHUC7E

    1. When same times met … Arrow A (Cause of Laser / Origin of Death / Reason of Chemical reaction)
    2. When different times met … Arrow B (This is your so-called “Gravity” / Cause of Higgs boson / Origin of Life / Reason of Biological reaction)
    3. The rose line is the beginning light. (result from Genesis 1:3)
    4. The existence of different time. (result from relativity of light)
    5. 2 dimension is not a space. (result from 2-axis, math)
    6. Universe came from nothing. (result from No.5 / cf. Playing with bubbles)
    6-1. A barrier[posititon] exist between the inner and outer bubbles. But universe do not have that barrier. (Cause of Inertia / Reason of Sun / Position of Antimatter / Origin of Fire / cf. Expansion, Conservation of parity, Time-reversal invariance)
    6-2. Nothing is not a no existence. No existence is a zero dimension. There is two zero dimension. One has a position. The other doesn’t have a position. These different positions were connected by something. That “something” is not a what but a way. (Cause of Light / cf. Ether)
    7. Progress / Event / Probability is a time. (This is my trinity.)
    8. Wave-particle duality of light, creation & evolution, uncertainty principle, etc. (result from No.7)
    9. Coalescing of different times. (Cause of Rotation & Spin / Equator has plenty of time. / Origin of Colour / Reason of Reflection / cf. Strong interaction)
    10. Your so-called “Black hole” is a wholly condensed time. (cf. Kerr spacetime)
    11. The reason of your so-called “Magnetic field”. (result from step3 and 4)
    11-1. The reason of your so-called “Dark matter”. (result from step3 to 4 / Energy-Mass duality / cf. Dark energy “step4 to 3”)
    12. The reason of your so-called “Electric field”. (result from the crack of time / Same time’s crack is a different time’s connection. / Cause of Static electricity)
    13. Your so-called “Space” is a crack of time. (result from No.12 / Cause of Lightning / Reason of Refraction / cf. Weak interaction)
    13-1. The reason of your so-called “Capture & Decay”. (result from No.13’s crack of time / cf. Violation of time-reversal invariance)
    13-2. The reason of No.6-2’s “position & none position”. (result from No13-1’s “capture & decay”)
    13-3. The reason of No.13’s space. (result from No.13-2’s “position & none position” / cf. Noneconservation of parity)
    14. Boundary is a crack of space. (result from No.13 / Same space’s crack is a different time’s contact. / Cause of Superfluid / cf. Fractal)
    15. Boundary is nothing. Your so-called “Hole” is a boundary itself. Also, nothing is K=0 temperature. (result from No.14 / cf. Calabi-Yau, Hilbert space)
    16. This is a wall of your so-called “Fire”. (result from No.15) – copyright ⓒ uniontera

    Our nonsense has come from one time. Uniontera is a key.

    English is not my first language, sorry!

    If it is difficult to understand, just remember & enjoy “Hand touching everything is a time”. This is the only one result of uniontera.

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    Though it is believed that dark matter makes up most of the matter in the universe, scientists don’t know what comprises it. Scientists do know what it is not, however: it does not reflect or give off light, so dark matter does not make up planets or stars.

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