What is dangerous about having projection TV’s?



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    I’m not aware of projection TVs being especially “dangerous” in the sense of, hazard of bodily injury to their users or others. Environmentally speaking, projection TVs involve many of the same issues as other forms of televisions, such as the power they draw and the hazardous, difficult-to-dispose-of materials that result when you throw them away (e-waste). That being said, rear projection TVs, which are becoming harder to find these days as flat screens are beginning to dominate the market, draw less power than flat screens or even the old-style CRT models. They are susceptible to screen burn-in, and some consumer research indicates that their projection lamps need replacement more often than similar elements in other TVs. If you’re looking for a rear-projection TV, you’d better get it now: they may not be on the market for much longer.

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