What cut of beef is the most expensive?



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    The tenderloin accounts for a very small part of the cow and is the location of the most tender meat.  A specific cut of the tenderloin, called filet mingnon, is the most tender and most expensive cut of beef.

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    The tenderloin is the most expensive cut of beef because it is the most tender and soft. Tenderloin steak is also referred to as filet mignon.

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    The most exepensive “kind” of beef would be the Kobe, raised from the Wagyu cattle line in Japan. The cattle are raised in a very special way as to adhere to a strict tradition. This includes massages with sake, being fed a beer every day, and being slaughtered humanely to not incite adrenaline thus tainting the meat. The meat is sought after due to the fatty marbling throughout the meat, and the flavorful taste. Kobe beef runs for around $100 per pound.

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