What is the current status of Japan’s nuclear power plants?



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    At the moment, power plant engineers and workers at the Fukushima plant are trying to restore the electricity that powers the cooling system of the fuel rods. Until power to the cooling system is restored, workers are spraying the fuel rods with sea water in the meantime to prevent the fuel rods from overheating and producing radiation.

    If the cooling system cannot be reactivated, they may bury the plant in sand and concrete. Currently, 4 of the plant’s reactors have restored cooling systems and will be tested shortly.

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    The status of the plant is always changing as they work to contain the problem and mitigate the effects of radiation from the meltdown. At the time of writing, it appears that freshwater injections are being administered at several of the reactors to keep them cool after having using seawater to cool them. Smoke has been emitted from several of the reactors, and at one a replacement pump is being used to help cool the reactor down. One of the reactors has been switched from am emergency diesel generator to permanent power to keep cooling water flowing through it. The New York Times has a great status update at the website below—it’s being updated every day, so check it out for the latest information.

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