What is curb-side recycling?



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    Curbside recycling is the collection of recyclable materials in residential areas. Many communities now offer bins that you can put out (similar to the image below), usually every week or two, with your household recycles. Examples of materials that are collected are paper, aluminum cans, glass, plastic, steel and cardboard boxes.

    Some places have actually made it a law to recycle. For example, the state of New Jersey requires recycling. Another example would be the city of Seattle, which issues warnings and penalties for those who have more than 10 percent of their garbage filled with recyclable materials.

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    Curbside recycling is a service popular in American suburbs where recycling is picked up on a regular basis, like the trash, from outside one’s home, i.e. at the ‘curb.’ Sometimes separating paper recycling from the rest is necessary, but single-stream recycling is becoming more popular. Also, some areas are experimenting with pay-as-you-throw programs, where residents are charged per trash bag, with curbside recycling offered for free or at a reduced cost.

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