What cultures have a raw diet?

I know the Japanese eat a lot of sushi, anyone else do more than that.



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    A raw diet consists of only consuming un-cooked, un-processed, and organic foods. People following a raw food diet don’t usually cook foods at temperatures over 116 degrees Fahrenheit. A typical raw foods diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, and beans. Although sushi consists of raw fish, it’s not technically a raw food, since the the rice is cooked. The “Raw Food Movement” is not associated with any particular culture, and is rather the result of research and pop culture. The Wikipedia outlines celebrities who follow a raw food diet, and how it became popular in the United States.

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    Inuit “Eskimos” of Northern Canada and the United States incorporate raw foods into their traditional diet, though even when first encountered in the early 1900s they were not witnessed to have a 100% raw diet. Inuits did incorporate raw meat as well as fish into their diets. This includes seal, caribou, bear, fox, birds, trout, and cod. Soup made from seal blood could not be cooked. Seal blubber could be cooked but seemed to often be preferred raw.

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