What cultural phenomenon is credited for starting the green movement?



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    Awareness—made possible by the Technological Innovation that is this tool you and I are using right now to communicate. The spread of knowledge through the digital revolution known as the internet. PLUS, don’t forget, all the leaps and bounds we’ve made in science (analyzing trends and levels of pollution; and a solid understanding of chemistry and bio-chemistry, to answer questions like: why is it that too much lead is bad to eat? what happens to CFC’s in the upper atmosphere?)… Modern society is informed—and the facts are leading us to rethink what we should be doing, how we should use our energy, and what we should value—and being informed is leading people to be green, because protecting life and the future well-being of our species has been an imperative since the days of Abraham and the Covenant. It is, indeed, in our nature, in our blood, to be green. We’re just all finally beginning to realize that now. 

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