What crop wastes the most water?



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    The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that rice is the most water-intensive crop, followed by cotton and sugar cane.  Rice averages a total of 12.3 megaliters of water per hectare.  Cotton averages 6.4 and sugar cane averages 5 megaliters per hectare. 


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    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, rice is the most water intensive crop if you look at it by the hectare. It averages 12.3 megalitres per hectare. Overall, however, pastures used for grazing consume the most water because they are so widely used to support livestock, though it only comes in at 3.5 megalitres per hectare. Keep in mind that these numbers are based on agriculture in Australia, so they may not accurately reflect the water usage of the same crops from a country with a different climate.

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