What crop does the world grow the most of?



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    The most grown crop in the world is wheat, which is grown in all continents except Antarctica.  Following wheat is rice, then corn, then potatoes and bananas.

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    Depends on how you define “most”. If you mean the crop that produces the most calories to feed people the answer is definitely rice. If you mean the crop with the most total pounds harvested, the answer is sugar cane. If you mean the crop planted on the most total acres, the answer is wheat. 

    Wheat produces less food per/acre than rice or corn. The total amount of sugar-cane harvested is so high because it includes the weight of whole canes (stalks that look sort of like bamboo), which must be processed to extract sugar.

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      I know that we as Americans grow at ton of both corn and wheat but I was curious about sugar cane and rice. Do you have any idea where we stack up with these two crops.

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      America is the 10th largest producer of sugar cane in the world, although that doesn’t mean much. The two largest producing countries (India and Brazil) together produce about ~50% of world sugar cane. Only a few of the warmest US states have the right climate for growing sugar cane, although many states with cooler climates grow sugar beets, which account for a significant part of American sugar production.

      The only stats I could find on rice are quite old (1999) but that year America produced only 1.6% of all the rice grown in the world. Rice production is concentrated in countries like India, China, and the many countries of south-east asia.

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