What creates fire season?



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    Dry, hot weather, including drought, is a huge factor in fire season. It dries out plants, brush, etc, making them more prone to catching fire. The fires can be caused by people- brush fires that get out of hand, cigarette butts, etc, but they can also be caused by falling rocks that cause sparks, lightning, etc. 

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    Fire season is declared when vegetation becomes dry and fires are difficult to control. So, hot dry weather brings fire season about. People are prohibited from having camp fires, shooting off fireworks, etc. once fire season has been declared.

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    Fire season, usually associated with places like California, Florida and other sourthern and western states in the US, is when a place gets very hot and dry. This is often during the summer, when rain is scarce and the grass and other plants get very dry and especially flammable. Winds can also contribute to fire season, since winds can feed and spread wildfires.

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    “During forest fire season, weather is the controlling factor in the severity and frequency of fires.” The fire season usually occurs when dry and hot conditions converge, and of course some regions prone to harsher weather are those at risk. Additionally, lightning can spark fires, and lightning generally accompanies storms in the warmer months of the year.

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    The weather is a major cause of “fire season”.  Weather that is warm and dry (ie: drought and/or little rain) will in turn cause the surrounding environment to be dry as well.  Lightning, particularly heat lightning from a dry thunderstorm, can spark the dehydrated vegetation into an uncontrollable fire.  Windy weather is another factor in wildfire spreading.  Wind aids a fire’s travel by blowing the embers and hot sparks into surrounding dry vegetation, likely causing multiple fires.

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    Fire season typically starts in May and ends in October.  The Santa Ana winds dictate how bad the season can be: they usually come in October, but if these strong winds come before the heavy fall or winter rains, the fire damage can be significant. 

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