What country used to have the most tigers?



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    India has had the highest population of tigers for over a thousand years. 100,000 in early 1900’s and 4,000 today, which unfortunately is an estimated 40-60% of the entire tiger population now.

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    Actually, the world tiger population has declined to an even scarcer amount; as of yesterday, the worldwide population had declined to about 3,000 tigers.

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    In the early 1900s, the wild tiger population in India was reported to be around 40,000 individuals, which makes it likely the largest wild population in any country in the world. A foundation, Project Tiger, was launched in 1973 to help support dwindling tiger populations, which had dipped as low as 1,827, and still remain low despite the efforts of the organization to help resuscitate population numbers.

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    Panna National Park, one of India’s main tiger parks, no longer has any tigers. This is the second tiger reserve in India, after Sariska in Rajasthan, where numbers have dwindled to zero. This problem emphasizes how India’s tiger population was once very large, but is gradually decreasing and worsening over time.

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