What country is trying to save the environment the most?



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    Based on Yale University’s 2008 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), the most environmentally friendly country in the world is Switzerland, then followed by Norway and Sweden.

    “Thanks in major part to Switzerland’s tough legislation regarding pollution, they made it to number one on the world’s most eco-friendly nations. Their long-term plans target cooperation between organizations and individuals. Individual awareness is also a factor, since Switzerland charges for their water and waste management services as well as establishing a sever environmental taxes, promoting personal responsibility. Prevention is a third key tenet, shown by the 2006 development of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), meant to sustain natural resources and develop safety measures for natural hazards.” (EcoFriendlyDaily)

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      Thanks for that great answer macaronie — I think we should just own up to our past irresponsibility and go about undoing (or at least ceasing) the damage we have already done — the best way to do it would be to adopt the exact same “legislation regarding pollution” that Switzerland has. Or at least set up a plan and a time table so we can work toward it in the near future — say by 2030 we should have everything switch to Switz!

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      I definitely agree discdoggie! The problem now is mainly politics. It’s hard to maintain a balance between economy and the environment. Not to mention, many road blocks still stand in the way of progress. For instance, many corporate businesses are definitely profiting off of pollution. It’s cheaper to just pollute than it is to try and find an alternative method to help the environment. Although Switzerland has managed to decrease the amount of emissions and pollutants, their economy is incomparable to the United States. The U.S. currently has the second largest economy in the world behind China. When dealing with a factor as large as that, the question becomes whether or not we are prepared to sacrifice production for the environment.

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