What country takes the longest showers?



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    I don’t think it’s possible to know for sure, but I would say probably the United States. Since 1950, domestic water usage in the United States has risen 127%. Showers account for about 17% of average daily water use per household. I couldn’t find any statistics where sociologists or water engineers surveyed people for the average length of showers per country, but I find interesting the statistic that if a person reduced the length of his or her usual shower by 2 minutes, the annual water savings would be greater than the amount of water used domestically in the country of Finland for a year. Showering is essentially cultural behavior. If we have the time to do it and the water to do it with, most people I think would probably tend to shower longer than they would if they had less time and water was more expensive. On this point alone I would tend to suspect the US or UK of being the world leader in lengthy shower times, but I admit this is just an educated guess.

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    Last year at my college (Loyola University Chicago) we did a study on how long people took showers.  We gave them stopwatches and asked them to time their showers.  the average length was 21 minutes.  That is insanely long! I doubt many other countries could even come close to that. 

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