What country is responsible for the largest percentage of the worlds agriculture?



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    This is from wikipedia.org : “

    In 2005, the agricultural output of China was the largest in the world, accounting for almost one-sixth of world share, followed by the EU, India and the USA, according to the International Monetary Fund.[citation needed] Economists measure the total factor productivity of agriculture and by this measure agriculture in the United States is roughly 2.6 times more productive than it was in 1948.[30]

    Six countries – the US, Canada, France, Australia, Argentina and Thailand – supply 90% of grain exports.[

    So China is probably the first, followed by the US, then India, and then it’s a mix of nations from the European Union (France is probably way up there, as is cited by the fact they are one of the six countries that help supply 90 percent of the world’s grain supply). 

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