What country relies on fossil water for drinking?



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    Underneath the surface of Africa there are reserves of pure drinking water.  The water was produced there over 40,000,000 years ago. 

    Libya relies on fossil water for its drinking supply.  In 1984 projects were begun to help make the supply more readily available to the people of Libya.  The construction placed pipes into trenches that allow the water to travel from hundreds of feet below the ground, where the reservoirs are located.

    Pipes from the The Libyan Great Man-Made River project.

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    Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Libya rely on fossil water, which gets its name from the fact that like fossil fuels, the water was generated and preserved under ancient conditions. The Great Man-Made River Project, started in 1984 in Libya, pumps water from 1,300 desert wells. Of course, this project is not very sustainable, since the water from these wells is non-renewable.

    Regions of the United States, including the Great Plains also rely on fossil water–the Ogalla Aquifer, which is also being depleted and is likely to run out in 25 years, supplies 82% of the drinking water to 8 states of the Great Plains. So, it can be said that the U.S. relies on fossil water to some extent too. Just like the idea of “peak oil,” some believe that the world has hit “peak water” extraction too.

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    The water in Libya is 40 THOUSAND (to 75,000) years old, not 40 million as indicated by one answer.

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