What country produces the most oil?



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    That appears to be Saudi Arabia.  In 2008 they produced an estimated 10,780,000 barrels of oil per day.   Russia is second with the US, China and India rounding out the top 5.

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    Saudi Arabia is the highest producer of oil, producing more than 10,782,000 barrels per day. They are also the highest exporter of fossil fuels, exporting 8,650,000 barrels per day. Saudi Arabia contains 19.78% of all oil reserves in the world. They have more than any other country with about 266,700,000,000 bbl.

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    Corrections to one other answer, India is actually about #24, nowhere near the top 5. In any given month or year, Russia may be #1 or Saudi Arabia may be. The US is #3, Iran is #4, China is a close #5, and Canada is #6.

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