What country produces the largest percentage of their power using renewable sources?



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    39.9 percent of Sweden’s energy comes from renewable sources.  A recent headline read “Sweden Plans on Being the First Country in the World to Be Free From Oil in 2020.”  Sweden is taking strides to promote renewable energy and phase out oil heating and cars that run on gasoline.  Non carbon-dioxide-producing fuels will be exempt from Sweden’s carbon dioxide tax and energy tax.  Fuel efficient vehicles will also be exempt from Stockholm’s “congestion tax”.  Grants are awarded for research into climate change, and development of eco-friendly technology.

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    Iceland. 70% the country’s energy demand is supplied by renewable sources, making the per capita renewable energy availability the highest in the world. Also Iceland doesn’t not use coal or oil for power nor heat. It is the most environmentally friendly country in the world in regards to energy sources, using geothermal and hydroelectric power as their main sources. 

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    So, China produces the most amount of electricity from renewable energy in absolute numbers. However, I think Iceland  might win for the country that has the highest percentage of their power coming from renewable sources.

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    “Renewable energy in New Zealand is primarily from hydropower. In 2009 73% of the electricity generated in New Zealand came from renewable sources, a ratio that has been falling for decades while load growth has been met primarily by natural gas-fired power stations. In September 2007, former Prime Minister Helen Clark announced a national target of 90 percent renewable electricity by 2025, with wind energy to make up much of that increase.”

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    More than 85.4 percent of domestic energy production in Brazil is renewable, as wiki says.

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