What country produces the largest percentage of their own food?



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    This is a complex question that would require a significant research project to answer since it is hard to measure (in this age of globalization) how much food a country is producing “in-country” and not “out-of-country”. What I mean is this… many American and European food corporations have outsourced part or all of their food production systems abroad. Though this food is actually produced in other countries, it can trick the system’s statistics by sometimes being labeled, for example, made in the USA when in fact only part of the process or its distribution has occurred on US soil (or French, German, etc..) A good way to begin to figure out this question (though due to the phenomenon described above, the statistics may be flawed) is to compare a country’s food production rate to the amount of food it imports and exports. This could prove to be a challenging task as such a comparison has not yet been published. Data can be found at FAO’s Food Security statistics website, listed below.

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