What country is the most environmentalist?



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    According to Newsweek, the most environmentally friendly country is Switzerland, with an EPI (environmental performance index–a weighting ofcarbon and sulfur emissions, water purity and conservation practices) of 95.5. The top ten greenest countries are as follows:

    1 Switzerland 95.5
    2 Sweden 93.1
    3 Norway 93.1
    4 Finland 91.4
    5 Costa Rica 90.5
    6 Austria 89.4
    7 New Zealand 88.9
    8 Latvia 88.8
    9 Colombia 88.3
    10 France 87.8

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    I think that Denmark is the most environmentally conscious country.  They recently introduced a bar code system for groceries which shows the farm in which those plant and animal products were raised.  Denmark also has a spectacular public transportation system with trams and rent-a-bikes in nearly every major city.  Denmark is also rapidly implementing systems that capture wind energy from the Baltic and convert it into electrical power.

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