What country imports the least amount of oil?



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    Denmark imports the least amount of oil. As of 2006, 20% of all energy created in Denmark is created by wind power.

    From source below:
    Other Danish alternative-energy sources include the burning of waste products, or biomass, in combined heat and power plants; electricity generated by photovoltaic, or solar-energy, cells; andgeothermal turbines powered by the escape of underground steam.

    Denmark imported approximately 69,000 barrels, and exported approximately 263,000 barrels, of crude oil per day in 2003, the latest figures available, according to the International Energy Agency — a net export of about 194,000 barrels per day. 


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    Well all of the OPEC countries are exporters so they don’t import at all really. Also, the surrounding nations probably get better deals on oil and use less than more developed countries such as the U.S. , EU countries, and BRIC countries.

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    Many oil exporting nations, including Iran and Mexico, import large quantities of oil products like gasoline because they do not have enough refineries to supply themselves, even though they have plenty of crude oil.

    In terms of absolute numbers, there are plenty of nations that import less than Denmark simply because they are much smaller or are less devloped and use less. Examples include El Salvador, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Uruguay, Kenya, Senegal, Tunisia, Kyrgystan, Latvia, Zambia, Bangladesh, and North Korea. Norway and Colombia are major oil producers that import less crude oil than Denmark.

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