What country has the worlds largest wind turbine?



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    Good question, Andres.  The world’s largest wind turbine is made by a company named Enercon and is located in Germany.  It produces 6-7 megawatts.

    photo: Jfz, wikipedia

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    In the near future, 2011, Norway will complete the worlds biggest turbine, that is 533 ft (162.5m) tall with a rotor diameter of 475 ft (144.8m). It will generate 10 MW of electricity able to tower 2000 homes. 

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    While the 10-MW turbines mentioned above appear to be the largest under testing today, turbines as large as 20MW (see citation #1) or even larger may be feasible with technology already available on the market or modifications thereof.

    In general, one might expect offshore wind turbines to be more practically suited to upsizing due to the relative ease of shipping large components by barge rather than by rail or truck. However, such difficulties as are encountered installing wind turbines onshore might be overcome through use of modular turbine fabrication and construction facilities, as well as through the use of more lightweight and even collapsible  tubine components. The European Union’s UpWind program (see citation #2) is working aggressively to make commercial 8-10 MW turbines a reality and to lay the groundwork for the next generation of innovations on an increasingly affordable and scaleable clean energy source.

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