What country has the most vegans?



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    Singapore is very popular for it’s vegetarian/vegan culture.  You can check out Go Green, Travel Green’s website for a list of countries that are considered the best for vegetarians or vegans.

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    I don’t have any data to back this up, but I would imagine that the U.S. has the most vegans, and if not, then it would at least be in the top three.  First, the U.S. has the third highest population of all the countries in the world. So, even if people that describe themselves as vegan make up a similar percentage of each country, the U.S. would have the third highest number of vegans in terms of absolute numbers. Also, veganism, as opposed to just vegetarianism, seems to be most popular in well developed countries where there is quite a variety of dietary choices (as opposed to just eating what is available), and a high percentage of people that live in cities and suburbs (anything but on farms). The farming population of the U.S. makes up less than 1% of the population, which is very low compared to most other countries in the world.   And to the degree that veganism is a result of people beging very disconnected from  yet highly concerned with the health, environmental impact and animal welfare in/of the food system, the fact that the U.S. has such low percentages of citizen farmers I think is directly and inversely related to the number of vegans in the country.  

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    I was thinking India since many do not consume meat products. From 22% to 42% of its population is vegetarian so I wouldn’t be far fetched to assume it may have the most vegans.

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    Someone said India – while India has a lot of vegetarians, people there commonly eat a lot of dairy, which would exclude most of the population from veganism. Perhaps veganism is a fairly newly-popular thing, when compared to this longer history of vegetarianism. One site I read listed the top five vegetarian countries as: India, UK, Thailand, Turkey, Israel.

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